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Dance Crowd in full swing!

Dance Crowd in full swing!

Good times! We played a show with “Funky as You Want to Be” We got such a good vibe from the crowd! See you at our next show!!
Rockin' the Northeast Tap Room

Rockin’ the Northeast Tap Room

We had an AWESOME time at the NE Tap Room on Saturday. People were dancing, people were sweating! Good times all around!
A Sad Farewell to Exeter Sports Bar

A Sad Farewell to Exeter Sports Bar

The Honey Badgers had their start at Exeter Sports Bar in 2011. We joined The Shemps for Open Mic on numerous occasions. One of our best night was the closing night playing with “Funky As You Want To Be” Sal is still going strong with his new restaurant, “Musso’s.” Be...
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Stoudtburg Village Filer Sept 29, 2013

Stoudtburg Village Filer Sept 29, 2013

The Honey Badgers playing East Stoudtburg Village. What a blast!!

Ed’s Bio

Ed Weidner Ed has played Guitar and Bass in different bands for 30 years. Current Bands – The Honey Badgers Former Bands – The Billy Reubens, Kilgore Trout, The Cause & Zero Dinero Equipment – Guitars – Fender Telecaster & Paul Reed Smith, Amps – Fender Deville and Line 6 Influences/Favorite Bands – The Beatles,...

Nicole’s Bio

Nicole VanCoeur Nicole has not been in other bands. The Honey Badgers are her first and only. She loves all rock, the blues, and R&B, and all sorts of stuff in between. She is currently having the best time of her life. Equipment: Shure 55SH microphone, tambourine, and mammaries! Favorite Bands Metallica, Led Zeppelin, and...
Blind Hartman's at the Shemps Invitational

Blind Hartman’s at the Shemps Invitational

The Shemps had us join them for the first “Shemps Invitational” featuring various acts doing a set of songs. What a great time! Look for us to be doing that again!

Scott’s Bio

Scott Phillips Scott has been playing the drums since age 15. He started on his father’s 5 piece Ludwig set playing to artists like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and ZZ Top. He currently plays his (gracefully aging) set of Pearl Export series drums. He also has a set of Roland electronic drums to play...